The Vision

June 2021, the vision was born after realizing there is no CNA training in Western Kenya where we could refer the young people we know.

Having a vision is great, but more is needed.
One must act upon it to make it a reality.
A lot had to be done.

There was a building, but it was old and unkempt.
Renovations were underway to make the first classroom.
The grass had to be cut; flowers planted; painting, cement & repair work took two months.
In August 2021, we were ready to take on the first students as a trial program or pilot project.

We made a lot of mistakes but also learned from them.
One of our challenges was the hostel. None were close by.
Thankfully more buildings came up, and we can rent them now.

Our students, on completion, go out into the field and look for employment like any other career.
One class got 100% employment as soon as they completed; this is one of our highlights.
One student has been able to secure employment in Canada.
Others work in Health Centers, Hospitals, do private duty care, and also get employment in Pharmacies.

The vision continues, and we expect good things in the future.
More updates will be coming soon!

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