Meet Gloria: A CNA’s Success Story

My name is Gloria Muse from Kakamega County, and I am a certified nurse assistant.
I trained at Priscare Wellness Certified Nurse Assistant School, and I’m currently working at Nairobi Women’s hospital in Nakuru.

In my pursuit of self-fulfillment, I realized caregiving was at the core of my heart, and I decided to take the path; that’s when I came across Priscare Training.
I enrolled and discovered that it is reasonably priced and the best institution offering Nurse Assistant and BLS training courses.
Taking the first step was easy, and when I decided to try it, I was glad I made this decision.
The love of healthcare matters, plus the passion and drive, made it all possible.

I liked all my tutors during my training, who made my course exciting and successful.
The coordination and support were spot on.
Meeting other students from different parts of the country opened me up in terms of understanding and attaining empathy which proved to be very helpful in my career path.
I really loved the interaction among my fellow students.
Since my first day to the last, the Priscare Community has been a strong, self-assured, and prosperous community.
Priscare pulls it together and makes it better. The community is super welcoming and received us warm-heartedly, and I really loved it.

During my clinical, more so home visits, the community was supportive and made it enjoyable. They always availed themselves whenever I visited and welcomed me wholeheartedly.

Graduating from Priscare, I felt bittersweet; it felt so great to finish this chapter of my life.
I also got kind of afraid…like…It made me have mixed feelings.
After my training, it did not take long before I secured a job.

One thing I enjoy most while working is the connection between patients. No matter how long it takes, the patient will always recall their nurse even though not their name, but their faces never fades in their memories.
I embrace kindness and compassion while on duty, making my clients smile and feel appreciated, which is the main goal at the end of the day.
I will happily refer anyone to Priscare Wellness Certified Nurse Assistant Training because to me, it is the best.

Interview by: Miracle Obanda

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