Graduation Day at Priscare Wellness

On the 16th of December 2022, Priscare Wellness was ready to mark a symbolic day as they crowned and ushered in six new competent nurse assistants.

“Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela.
Studying is a dream we all fight for, and we aim to soar to the highest peak in our fields of interest and specialization.

Parents and relatives were invited to celebrate the student’s achievements on graduation day.

The senior instructor Mrs. Vivian Asero and other instructors were ready to award certificates to prove the competency of the six.
The podium received guests as early as 8 am as friends, relatives and
community members prepared to celebrate the achievement.

The church led the event, showering blessings and praying for the graduates. Speeches of congratulations and thumbs up were showered on the students.

The students were first awarded their Basic Life Support Certificates, followed by the Nurse Assistant Competency Certificates.

Guests from Nasio Trust, a partnering organization, joined the day to celebrate their achievement of having nurtured the students during their practicals.
They flowered the graduates and showered blessings as they transitioned from students to professionals.

Gifts were all around as the students blessed their tutors with gifts expressing gratitude. Nurse Praise, an instructor, was showered with blessings and was named the ‘students favorite.’
George Mudenyo Kadima, the clinical facility, was also gifted by the
students for having given them the platform to practice the skills learned during their theory sessions.

The guest of honor, Priest Daniel Okumu, blessed the students and emphasized character more than skill. “Your skills will give you the best platform to practice, but your character will keep you there
long and strong.” He added.

At Priscare Wellness Certified Nurse Assistant Training, you get to specialize and train in a selected field and begin your pursuit as a professional once you graduate.

We all aim to put on a gown as a crown to symbolize the attainment of competency and readiness to set foot in the working world, to practice, fulfill our dreams, and earn a living.

Theory classes last two months, with two months of practicals, which is four months in total.

The graduation event ended with a fantastic photo session and a hearty meal.

Written By: Miracle Obanda

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